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Back when you were just a kid, sitting through lengthy lectures or reading text out of the book was pretty boring. It was up to your teacher to find the best way to get their point across… and no matter how hard they tried, the message didn’t seem to fully register.

So what’d they do? They simplified their process. They would turn and face the board and draw out examples, make up fun exercises and, just like that, you got it. Everything made sense in the span of a few seconds and you’re sitting there wondering, “Well why didn’t they just do that in the first place?”

It’s a known fact that people tend to remember things best when visually stimulated. It was all around us. From the colorful panel with animals that helped us remember the alphabet, to clever shortcuts that helped us remember those math expressions.

The same goes for what your company has to offer. When you have a visitor stop by your page, the last thing they want to do is sit through and read a bunch of text. How do you really know if they fully understood your message and what you’re trying to offer?

Utilizing an explainer video can help get your point across in just seconds. It visually engages your visitor and guides them along your message.

We live in a digital age where people want things fast and they want them now. Hence, you need to get your message across quickly and effectively. You have about 30-90 seconds to do this. In most cases, less is more and the quicker we can get your point across, the better. Obviously things vary from project to project but we will do our due diligence in delivering the best video for you. It’s our job to Explain.