Step 1 Learn your business

This is the stage where we internalize your business, its unique approach, and its goals. We want to become your greatest spokesperson, so we take the time to get to know you the way you know yourself. You’ll start the process by filling out our questionnaire.

Step 2 Script & Concept

At this point we begin the difficult task of putting your concept into words. Our scriptwriters have been producing award-winning scripts for over 15 years, and they give their voice to bring your story to life. The script is tailored to the visual feel developed in the brainstorming phase, because not every script can fit every visual style.

A majority of the time we nail the script in the first shot. If the concept of the script isn’t to your liking, we will submit a second script for review. It should be remembered that, in order to ensure a fantastic video, slight changes to the script may occur later during the storyboarding phase, since visuals can often tell parts of the story in a different way than the text alone might suggest.

Step 3 Storyboarding

The scene progression and visual blocking is worked out in this stage. Concepts developed in the brainstorm stage are worked out and solidified here. The storyboard is a conceptual sketch which serves as a reference for the later problem-solving which takes place in the animation stage. The storyboard is not a strict description of what the final animation will look like. It’s a huge step from creating images on paper to actually realizing them in animation. The storyboard serves only as a general guide to what sorts of actions, images, and transitions will occur in each scene in the animation. The specific execution of these in an animated form will often change necessarily once animation has begun. The specific scene progression, and major scene elements must be solidified in this stage, however, in order to progress to the subsequent stages.

Step 4 Style samples

This stage determines how the actual execution of the storyboard will unfold as an animation. We take a few days to put together select scene stills and possibly animation chunks (decided by the in-house staff on a project-by-project basis) to give you a sense of the overall feel of the final animation.

Step 5 Voiceover/Music

Some time after the script is completed, and before the actual animation commences, we dip into our wide array of vocal talent to find the right voice to represent you to the world. This, combined with the correct choice of music will help set the tone decided in rough during the brainstorming phase. Based on your gender preference as defined in the initial questionnaire, or in further conversations, we’ll cast auditions for voiceover artists that match your request (or our recommendations). We’ll put 3-5 options in front of you and make our recommendation on the VO artists we feel would best complement your video.

Changes to the voiceover once animation has begun is another thing that might seem simple to you, but is actually quite difficult in practice. Adding a word here or there, or changing the voice talent after animation is underway may seem like a simple thing in your imagination, but think for a second about what’s involved: Every motion in your video was done by hand, and hand-timed to the audio.

Imagine a tiny dot for every motion of every object, no matter how small (easily hundreds of them in a one minute video, some dependent on the others, and layered in intricate ways) and imagine moving each of those to match the varying cadences of a new speaker. In many cases, it’s not a matter of simply sliding things back and forth on a timeline. This is why we decide upon the audio before beginning any animation.

Step 6 Animation & Review

At this point we begin the most time consuming part of the process. In the animation stage we figure out what is necessary to actually realize the rough ideas worked out in earlier stages. Pacing, visual effects, and final decisions on style occur in this stage, including often subtle changes to the storyboard. It’s a long way from storyboard and visuals to an actual animation, but we take you there in this stage.

We’re ready when you are…

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